What is the process for obtaining visa and work permit?

You can apply for a visa at any Thai consulate. 3 types of visa that you can arrive on if you are looking to come to Thailand for work. 1. Non-B visa – it is a working visa. After you’ve got a job confirmation from us, we will process the paper work for you to […]

What types of visas available in Thailand?

The different types of visas that Thailand offers include Tourist Visas, Non-Immigrant Education “ED” Visas, Non-Immigrant Business “B” Visas, Marriage Visas, Retirement Visas, and Permanent Resident Visas. Among the requirements to teach in Thailand is obtaining a Non-Immigrant B Visa.   A lot foreigners come into Thailand with the intention of teaching arrive on a Tourist […]

The Bottom Line on the Visa Process in Thailand​

If you don’t have help, then navigating Thai bureaucracy in pursuit of a visa and work permit can be a nightmare – all the more so if you don’t speak Thai. It’s important to remember that reputable employers will process all the necessary documents and even send staff to the Ministry of Labor or immigration offices on […]

Additional Documents for the Visa or Work Permit

The list of documents needed for a visa and work permit change often with no notice. Furthermore, the updates are published and communicated in the media in Thai, so unless you speak Thai, you will not be able to keep up. Fortunately, in most cases you can hopefully enlist the aid of your school’s staff […]

The Thai Work Permit​

After obtaining a non-b visa, foreign teachers need another document to legally work in Thailand: the work permit. This document is about the size of a passport. You will rarely actually use this work permit in your daily life. Nonetheless, you must maintain possession of it to remain on the right side of Thai law.   Work […]

How Do I Get the Necessary Non-Immigrant B Visa to Teach English in Thailand?

As mentioned above, a “non-immigrant B visa” (often abbreviated as simply a “non b visa”), is required for foreign English teachers or any other foreign national conducting business in the Kingdom. To get a non-b visa, you need the following documents: Passport valid for at least 6 months. Multiple passport photos (get as many as […]

Supporting documentation

Again, Thailand’s immigration system is a bureaucratic maze that operates primarily on the whim of whatever particular official is handling an issue at any given time. So, depending on the officer, you may have to supply other documents such as: Criminal background checks. Medical certificates.  University transcripts.

Non-Immigrant Visa

To legally work, a non-immigrant b visa is a requirement to teach in Thailand. The “B” stands for “business.” While working as a foreign English teacher on a tourist visa has been done in the Land of Smiles, doing so is strictly illegal with hefty penalties if caught and prosecuted. Furthermore, working on any other […]