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Kajonkietsuksa School Phuket require Native English Teacher (Kindergarten)

KG homeroom teacher. To apply for the teaching position, please send the following documents (in a PDF format is preferable) by email with a cover letter to Ms. Pattama Korkamnertkawin, the Head of the HR department. **Only short-listed applicants with complete documentation will be contacted.** Notes: Lists with an asterisk** can be modified depending on current situations from COVID-19 pandemic and directives from the Ministry of Education. Notes: Applicants with an Education degree or Graduate Certificate in Education are preferred, but all applicants with an accredited Bachelor’s degree in any field plus a certified TEFL qualification will be considered for the above positions. The latter is a minimum requirement for applicants under regulation enforced by the Thai Ministry of Education.


A competitive salary package based on experiences and skills. • A guaranteed salary increase for satisfactory performance after 6 months. • Housing and additional allowances (only available in Khokkloy campus). • End of the first contract bonus.** • Free lunch meal and provided school uniforms. • Health and accident insurance. • Four weeks paid holiday upon completion of a year contract.** • Annual paid leave for Christmas and New Year’s Day. • A comprehensive Professional Development program and ongoing support as a teacher. • A starter package including Teacher’s handbook, school calendar. The ideal candidate will be paid a locally-competitive salary for a one-year contract. The school will handle obtaining a work permit, Thai Teaching License, and related documents. The school will provide a balanced orientation and mentorship with experienced teachers.

Minimum Requirements

Must have teaching experience with the younger students aged from 3-5 years old. TEFL / TESOL certification (if any). – TOEIC / IELTS result for Non-NES (if any). Appropriate references from a current and previous employer (to be considered for salary increment)*** Ideal Candidates – A responsible and organized teacher willing to make Phang-Nga home for a minimum of one year. – A mature attitude towards work. – A strong desire to teach children of mixed second-language abilities is needed. – Prefer to be surrounded by nature and enjoy living in a peaceful and quiet city.


About the employer

118 Moo 3, Khok Kloi Subdistrict, Takua Thung District, Phang Nga 82140


 Phang Nga


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