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Lertlah School seeking for Any nationality teacher to teach kindergarten students

Kindergarten Teacher Duties and Responsibilities: -Cultivate a hunger for knowledge among students and engage them to learn Encourage curiosity and continued improvement -Help set goals for students and work with the class to help them attain these goals -Keep an organized and orderly classroom that promotes creativity and learning -Create and prepare daily lesson plans for appropriate age and learning skill level, making adjustments when needed -Create and/or print out instructional material for classroom use Lead daily lesson plans, teaching the intended subject matter and answering any questions the students may have -Assign work by means of in-class worksheets, projects, homework, presentations, reports, etc. -Assess performance by grading work and giving tests -Help students one-on-one who need extra assistance -Enforce administration and school-wide policies -Set classroom rules and expectations -Be active in the school community and events -Creative and fun learning environment


Minimum Requirements

Bachelor of Education, Primary Experience working with young children. Excellent verbal and written communication skills Patient and compassionate to young children’s needs and emotions Keeps a positive attitude and can control emotions Efficient time management Ability to take on many tasks at once and prioritize them by importance and relevance Proficient with Microsoft Office


About the employer

248 Kanchanapisek Road , Khwaeng Khlong Bang Parn, Bangbon District, Bangkok 10150




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