NES Biology Teacher

The ideal candidate should possess the following characteristics. Be expected to teach upper secondary biology courses in grades 10-12 (Matayom 4-6). Be expected to teach basic science courses in grades 7-9 (Matayom 1-3). Be familiar with several topics in the field of biology, including cellular biology, organ systems, and metabolic pathways. Have a basic understanding of other scientific disciplines, including basic chemistry, basic physics, geology and astronomy. Be able to develop and conduct appropriate laboratory activities that reinforce the learning in these areas. Possess strong classroom management skills and a familiarity with Google Classroom. Be expected to participate in school activities. Teachers are also assigned as classroom advisors, with duties that include assembly and hall monitoring, exam proctoring, and annual activities, such as sports days, field trips, and parents meetings. The teaching schedule will be no more than 18 periods of 50 minutes each week, with the school day running from 7:30-16:00. The teacher will be responsible for daily lesson planning, developing curriculum, and collaborating with other teachers within the program.


Starting salary is 67,000 Baht per month; however, this is dependent on the candidate’s educational level. Additionally, we offer generous holidays and health insurance.

Minimum Requirements

Possess a Bachelor’s degree in the sciences, but preferably a biology degree. Preferably have an educational certificate.


About the employer

Number 2, Henri Dunant Road, Pathumwan Sub-district, Pathumwan District




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