Thai Work Inter Service Agreement

1. Thai Work Inter (TWI) may collect, use or disclose the Personal Data which you provide to TWI for the Purpose described in the TWI  Data Protection Policy, including the provision of Services, storage, analytical or dispute resolution purposes, as well as, to comply with applicable laws, regulations and TWI’s internal policies. Capitalized terms used in this form and not expressly defined shall have the same meaning as set out in the TWI  Data Protection Policy.

2. TWI may also transfer your Personal Data to TWI’s employees, officers, directors, clients (and its agents), suppliers (mainly, IT providers and financial and legal advisors), authorities and to other TWI affiliates, based locally or abroad, in order to reasonably achieve the Purpose. In any case, transfers to third parties will strictly be on a need to know basis, in order to comply with contractual or legal obligations and provided that such third parties have data protection standards comparable to TWI’s.

3. TWI will securely handle, maintain and store – for a limited period of time – your Personal Data in compliance with TWI  Data Protection Policy and the applicable laws and regulations.

4. TWI relies on your Personal Data to achieve the Purpose; hence, you shall ensure that the Personal Data you provide is accurate, correct and complete. If you wish to correct, update or delete your Personal data, you may contact the TWI  Data Protection Officer. TWI will perform immediate termination of service without prior notice if we have found given false information.

5. You are entitled to withdraw this consent at any time by giving notice to the TWI  Data Protection Officer. You acknowledge that such withdrawal shall apply prospectively and only affect TWI’s future use or disclosure of your Personal Data.

6. If you have any queries regarding TWI’s treatment of your Personal Data, this consent form or any related matter, you may refer to TWI Data Protection Policy or contact TWI  Data Protection Officer at: [email protected]

I hereby acknowledge – and provide my consent to – the above.



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